Emel and Emin, who are sister and brother let their passion to guide their own lifes as the youth passes by.

Emel was a pharmacist, but she dedicated herself to deep searches of the history of Italy, and especially cocentrated her works on Venice. For a long time, she studied for this purpose and her book about the history of Venice is nearly completed. After 40 years old, she learned Italian language. In August 2001 she partecipated to the project called"Paphlagonia" with the Italians who live in Padova, Veneto for the resarchs of the history of the ancient people of Venice which was named "Venetii". She wrote many texts and one of them was pubblished in Bell'Italia (ITALY) and the others were published in Turkey.

Emin is a naval architect, but in 1996 he choosed his way to be a photographer. He decided to express himself by means of performing slide shows. By means of searching this new field where photography and cinematography meets, he has performed several slide shows. He has participated in many exhibitions and his pictures were accepted by many saloons worldwide. Many of his pictures were published in international cataloques as well as being awarded in international exhibitions.

Emel and Emin, both who fell in love with Venice visited this wonderfull land many times. Emin took the pictures. Emel wrote the texts . In 1998, they decided to work together inorder to prepeare a slide show about Venice.

They decided to use the music of Vivaldi. Since, basicly there was no change in this city during the ages there should be no change in the music either, so they decided to let the music repeat itself. After months and months the slide show was complete. They partecipated in the slide show competition of IFSAK and they won the first prize. Till now, this slideshow "Venice, The City of The Dreams" was performed in several salons in Istanbul and in Anatolia and eventhough invited to Venice in 1999 this show was carried abroad in March 2002 for the first time, in order to be performed in Thessaloniki, Greece.